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Do you or anyone on your team have challenges with focus and distractions? Hi, I’m Dr. Jeffrey Levine and my friends call me Dr Get in Focus. I am an Entrepreneur with Adult Attention Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In the process of attaining 3 degrees while building successful businesses, I have discovered internal and external hacks which have transformed my ADHD from a disorder to a superpower. If you are ready to learn these hacks you have come to the right place!

Welcome to my Webpage! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Dr. Jeff, aka Dr Get in Focus

What clients are saying

    Peaches Udoma

    Power & Success Concierge Coach/Consultant, Veteran Program/Project Designer/Manager, Star Seeker, Self-Expression Strategist.

    Peaches Udoma, Power & Success Concierge Coach/Consultant, Veteran Program/Project Designer/Manager, Star Seeker, Self-Expression Strategist. Dr. Get In Focus is an extraordinary human being, with a commitment to helping all those with focusing challenges achieve their highest aims. And he does it with a healthy portion of laughter. 😀 I have known and worked alongside of Jeff for three years, in my capacity as program manager of Wealth and Impact Bootcamp and as a power and success coach, and I would entrust him with any entrepreneur, any student, any corporate teams or executive management, any coaching client. He brings compassion and levity — a rare combination — to the business of getting in focus. He has even given folks with ADHD a superpower: Accelerated Dynamic Hyper Drive And he is not only for folks with ADHD -- anyone who is having trouble staying focused can succeed with the help of Dr. Get In Focus. With Jeff, you will laugh and cry and get things done!

      Lisa Pulliam

      Independent Contractor

      Jeffrey Levine writes inspiring, funny, and insightful blogs. They have helped me to refocus on topics, tasks, and actions that I need to take. His Facebook group has provided me with humorous insight and a break from day to day living. In our phone and zoom interactions, he has been an amazing listener. He has provided invaluable support, feedback, and suggestions from understanding my needs, values, and goals.

        Jennie Henton

        Historian and Publisher

        Jeffrey has some of the best strategies for enabling me to work effectively from homeduring this new era and keep well and safe. Thank you so much.

          Zhuhai Xiao

          Aspiring Software Engineer

          Jeffrey is a great mentor, advisor! He helped our company for our busy plan. Very helpful and effective!

            Jana Scholten


            It's been a great experience working with Jeffrey and he has helped give me peace of mind, freedom and empowerment along with providing structures to help myself perform better and my team.

              Rob Raghaven

              Business Development

              Dr. Jeff's professionalism and reliability were unwavering throughout our association. He consistently prepared well-structured lessons, provided timely feedback, and tailored the coaching sessions to meet my son's evolving needs. Moreover, Dr. Jeff's genuine investment in my son's success was evident through his willingness to go the extra mile by providing additional resources, recommending relevant books and movies, and even offering guidance beyond the scope of the subjects they covered together. In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jeff Levine as an academic tutor of exceptional caliber. His extensive knowledge, passion for teaching, and commitment to his students make him an invaluable asset to any learner. Under Dr. Jeff's guidance, my son's educational journey was enriched, and he acquired essential skills that will undoubtedly shape his future. I am immensely grateful for Dr. Jeff's contributions and have the utmost confidence that he will continue to positively impact the lives of countless students.

                Joey Ramirez

                Business Development

                Today, with Jeff, we dealt with an issue that was causing much rage and violence. This has served against me and has interrupted many areas of life and being. I am now free to operate without all the anger and rage that has kept me stuckand deprived me of so much happiness and productivity.

                  Lucas Woodrow


                  Jeff has helped me clean up some of my most personal problems around education, relationships, career, and limiting beliefs. He is very educated and wise. I highly recommend him in helping with any issues or problems that one may struggle with. Jeff does not tell you what you should do about your problems or attempt to make you wrong about your own decisions in life. His methods work and he gets results. We need more people like him to help guide us towards our goals in the world. His methods help to discover those personal issues that we didn’t know were hidden in our subconscious. In my case hidden under denial that I was evening behaving in such a way. When you work with Jeff you are investing in yourself. When you make this type of investment it last for a lifetime and everybody in your social circle continues to benefit. I am very grateful for Jeff and all he has done for me in helping me accomplish my goals. I look forward to our next session!!

                    Cynthia Yeh

                    Project Manager

                    I attended Dr Jeff's "Get in Focus and Skyrocket Your Productivity Workshop," and while his concepts are focused on people with ADHD, I think they apply to others on the neurodivergent spectrum. I learned many useful tips, and I look forward to attending more of his events.