Being in Action: Your Number 1 Key to Success

Why being in action is the key to success.

One of my hobbies is dealing poker at private parties (Well, actually I do get paid for it). There is rarely any money changing hands; It is all just good fun! I will never forget this one hand: It was the river, in layman’s terms the last card had been dealt. Three cards of a straight flush were on the table, and there were only two players left.  Someone had to take action. Everyone at the party was watching the hand. One player bet 100 dollars in fake money. The 2nd player raised by 100 dollars. The 1st player re-raised, and the 2nd player re-raised again. This went on for two more cycles and the 2nd player finally folded. The first player, being brand new to the game and not knowing better showed his cards after winning quite a big pot. He had nothing! Not even a pair! The second player had the straight flush, the 2nd highest hand in poker after the royal flush but he folded, losing his investment. “I thought he must have had a higher straight flush he bemoaned.” The winner of the hand replied, “What’s a straight flush? I just kept betting because I thought that was what I was supposed to do!” He won the hand based on sheer luck and the other guy giving up just a little too soon!  Now, that’s how success is achieved! But remember, if he hadn’t been in action, luck wouldn’t have come his way. Being in action does not guarantee you success, but not being in action does guarantee your failure For the Get in Focus and Skyrocket Productivity Workshop:     About me  
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