Unraveling ADHD Entrepreneur Lessons from Anna Delvey’s Downfall: 5 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid

Anna Delvey's Misadventures: A Cautionary Tale with a Twist for ADHD Entrepreneurs

The lessons from Anna Delvey are quite intriguing. They did a show about her on Netflix called Inventing Anna that I just binged... I mean the whole enchilada in one shot!  The only words I heard other than the TV were from my wife... several times!  "Jeff! Turn that off and come to bed! For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, let's meet Anna Delvey, the Russian-born "would-be Rockefeller" who hoodwinked New York's elite by posing as a wealthy German heiress. Her entrepreneurial venture? A grand larceny operation that landed her a starring role in a courtroom drama. Now that we've set the stage let's see what lessons from Anna Delvey our ADHD entrepreneurs can learn. 1. Bold is Gold, but Don't Oversell: Anna was bold, audacious, and had a flair for the dramatic that would put Broadway stars to shame. But in her quest for the high life, she forgot a small thing - being real. So, ADHD entrepreneurs, remember to be bold but authentic. No need to pretend you're a long-lost cousin of Bill Gates unless you fancy a prison cell for an office. 2. Organization - It's Not Just for Librarians: Anna's Downfall? A game of deceit too complex even for her to handle. As an ADHD entrepreneur, you might relate to this juggling act. So, embrace organization. There's an app for that, or twenty. Just don't lose track of your passwords! 3. Impulse Buys: From Candy Bars to Fake Heiress Schemes: Impulsivity can be a blessing and a curse. One moment you're buying a domain for your next venture; the next you're ordering a golden bathtub for your penthouse. Remember to pause, breathe, and maybe consult your bank account before making that next big move.  Rest and relaxation are important to recover your game.  This is discussed in the Get in Focus Challenge. 4. Read the Fine Print; It's Not Just Decoration: Anna seemed to think laws were more like 'suggestions.' News flash: they're not. So, ADHD entrepreneurs, remember the legal jargon is not there just to give lawyers something to do. Pay attention, or your next venture might be a prison bakery. 5. People > Pawns: Anna treated people like chess pieces in her game of life. But guess what? People generally don't like being pawns, especially when the game ends in court. So, treat your relationships like gold - not the kind you bury in a treasure chest, but the kind you invest in and cherish.  One of the most important lessons from Anna Delvey is that everything has to be a win-win for everyone.  Anna's actions caused wins for Anna and losses for the others. One of the biggest lessons from Anna Delvey I got is that life is not a zero-sum game situation! Let's sum up the lessons from Anna Delvey'story be a reminder that while bold moves and audacious plans have their place in the entrepreneurial world, authenticity, organization, controlled impulsivity, understanding the rules, and valuing relationships are the real keys to success. And they're less likely to earn you a Netflix special for all the wrong reasons.

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