ADHD: My Number 1 Triumph

ADHD and Me

We have all seen children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and perhaps bouncing all over the room. Parents used to say, “Don’t worry, he’ll grow out of it.”  Well, sort of. I never outgrew my attention deficit disorder symptoms behavior which demonstrated problems with attention, hyperactivity, and impulse control. I did become more socialized as I grew up and stopped bouncing all over the place. The ADHD, though, reared its head in other ways. For instance, I could never stand taking college courses because I hated sitting in classes listening to the instructors interminably drone on, some of which have served to energize me when the going has gotten tough. I was not a traditional college student. I went back to college in my late 40s to complete my degree online. Remote education was perfect for me. I had coursework to complete every week and met with discussion groups to review the assignments. I was wild with joy, not having to listen to instructors interminably drone on! Online education was the solution to my lack of higher education.  I was thankfull for the internet for enableing me to pursue my education, which had been just a dream! Then one fine fall evening, I had a heart attack, requiring minor surgery. Except, there is no such thing as minor heart surgery. I wasn't concerned though about my downtime, or even about the surgery.  My big concern was that if I took a leave from my class to recuperate, I would never come back, like what happened to me as a youngster (A 25+ year long semester off).  Then I remembered, “wait. I’ve been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder symptoms, and I can’t focus anyway.” I developed a plan and learned to manage my time. I worked in 15-minute sprints and would rest until I had the energy to go again, and my cat Farrah hung out with me the whole time. Wash, rinse, repeat, feed Farrah. I turned in everything on time, skyrocketed my productivity, and received an A in the class. That was an ah-ha moment for me! I found ways to be highly effective as an adult with ADHD despite having a natural lack of focus by creating time management techniques.   Since then, I have adopted and developed systems to leverage the lack of focus. These systems are readily available on the internet, and some are free. I could have looked at my difficulty in gaining focus as a curse, but instead, I looked upon it as a gift. Had I not used my lack of direction from ADHD to energize myself and organize my time, I would have never acquired a degree. Every condition and externalized symptom can either be a gift or a curse. Through my experience, I’ve learned alternative ways to get things done. If you’re an adult, college student or entrepreneur reading this article and you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD symptoms of anxiety and want to improve your time management skills, discover the art of focusing, and increase your productivity. Register here to join me as I teach a unique XYX process that will move you from A-Z at my Get In Focus and Skyrocket Productivity Workshop. This is a virtual event on Zoom, seating is limited so you are going to want to register sooner rather than later.  Looking forward to seeing you there.  There will also be the option to receive personal coaching from me during the breaks.   To register today, just click on the link: Dr Jeff Levine has been working with entrepreneurs to skyrocket production for decades. He is not however a licensed therapist.  For resorces on ADHD and therapy, please check here: Now please excuse me; I gotta go!  I just saw a SQUIRREL.  
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