ADHD Time Management: 3 Reasons Why the Dastardly Day Planner is Passe’ and what Actually Works

Why Day Planners Fail in ADHD Time Management Us and Better Solutions That (Probably) Won't

As an ADHD entrepreneur, I've tried every day planner known to man. I'm not kidding—I've got an entire room dedicated to my failed planner attempts. It's my personal planner graveyard, where good intentions go to die. The truth is day planners just don't work for many of us with ADHD. It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, or more accurately, trying to get a hyperactive squirrel to sit still during a two-hour meeting (good luck with that). So, why do day planners fail us ADHD entrepreneurs? And more importantly, what are some better solutions that might—just might—help us wrangle our wild thoughts and ideas? Read on, fellow squirrels, as we navigate the chaotic world of ADHD Time Management.

Why Day Planners Don't Work for ADHD Time Management

1) They're too rigid: Day planners are designed for neurotypical people who can follow a schedule without getting distracted by shiny objects, like that cool new app or a squirrel outside the window. Most ADHD brains don't work that way—we're more like a pinball machine, bouncing from one idea to the next. 2) Out of sight, out of mind: For ADHD entrepreneurs, if something isn't right in front of us, it might as well not exist. So if we write something in our planner, there's a good chance we'll forget to look at it. You know, like those gym clothes we bought with the best intentions, now buried at the bottom of our closets. 3) They're too detailed (or not detailed enough): Either we get overwhelmed by the minutiae of a detailed planner, or we're left floundering in the abyss of a blank page. There's no middle ground, and it's enough to make us want to throw our planner against the wall (but we won't because it's already in the planner graveyard).

Better Solutions for ADHD Entrepreneurs

While day planners might not work for us, there are other tools and strategies for ADHD Time Management that cater to our unique ADHD brains. Here are some ideas that might keep us from spiraling into chaos: 1) The Pomodoro Technique: I love the Pomodoro Technique for ADHD Time Management! This method involves breaking work into short, focused intervals (usually 25 minutes) with short breaks in between (for our ADHD Brains, we may need to make it less than 25 minutes). It's perfect for ADHD Time Management because it provides structure without overwhelming us. Plus, who doesn't love the idea of racing against the clock to get stuff done? 2) Visual cues: Since we tend to be visual creatures, try using a whiteboard or large Post-it notes to map out your tasks and goals. Place them somewhere you can't ignore—like the fridge or right in front of your desk. That way, even if we forget to look at our list, we'll probably bump into it (literally). Also, every so often, you need to move the visual cue. If not, the brain will start to ignore it, and it will fade into the scenery. 3) Apps and gadgets: There are countless productivity apps and devices designed for ADHD brains, like time-tracking apps, focus-boosting headphones, and fidget toys. Try a few (or all) of them until you find one that works for you. Just don't spend all your time trying out new apps instead of working—we see you. 4) Delegate and outsource: As ADHD entrepreneurs, we often struggle with delegating tasks. But the truth is, we can't do everything ourselves (even though we'd like to think we can). So, learn to delegate or outsource tasks that don't play to your strengths, and focus on what makes your ADHD superpowers shine. Day planners might not be our best friends, but that doesn't mean we're doomed to a life of chaos and missed deadlines. By trying out alternative strategies and tools designed for our unique ADHD brains, we can find ways to conquer our entrepreneurial goals without losing our minds (or our car keys, for the millionth time).   So, fellow ADHD entrepreneurs, let's embrace our quirks, ditch those dusty day planners, and find solutions that truly work for us. Sure, it might take trial and error, but that's just part of the journey. And who knows—maybe one day, we'll be able to clear out that planner graveyard and turn it into something more useful, like a room filled with trampolines or a squirrel sanctuary. Because, let's face it, we deserve some fun too. Do you need help with your ADHD Time Management? Call Dr. Get in Focus; he can show you! To set up your free appointment, click here on the link! Dr. Get in Focus works with businesses, entrepreneurs, and remote workers to get in focus and skyrocket their productivity. He is here to talk to see if he can help with Using Chassidus for ADHD. His website is  to take advantage of his training programs. Check for the latest workshop. Don’t wait; get in focus today! Dr. Jeff Levine has been working with entrepreneurs to skyrocket production for decades. He is not, however a licensed therapist.  For resources on ADHD and therapy, please check here:
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