Creating your Future

Future is going to be the next moment which is not there yet. This moment is not going to change to next moment. Next moment is a new moment. Life goes moment by moment. You have the power of creating next moment. You can decide to do it differently. You can decide to do it the same way. Life takes turn the way you want it to. There are external influences around but you let decide to let them influence you. You pick your friends, family members, teammates, players and that is how the game goes. Change the influences on you and you make different choices and hence a different new moment and the future changes. You create your moods, you create your destiny, you create your life. Once the creation is done you are the effect of that creation. You tend to believe that some one else did it for you or you wish that someone up above in the sky is controlling your destiny and if He desires life can be different. For a moment force yourself to smile. See, does it work? Create a blessed day. – Alka Madan
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