There is so much talk about being strong, independent, educated and liberal today. Women have burst into the scene like never before, trying to change norms and break cultural barriers. Yet how many of us feel empowered? Social media dictates how we must perceive ourselves and others. Big companies want us to buy into their notion of beauty and how we must look and behave. Beautiful women get more likes, and then they are belittled for exposing themselves on social platforms. Why this condescending attitude towards women? More often than not it is other women who throw dirt on each other. We must stand together; we must be the ones to decide what we wear, where we work and whatever else we want to do. As long as we love ourselves no one has the power to take from us. Teach your daughters the importance of education, teach her that her body is hers alone, stop telling her that she can’t do this or that because of her gender, stop telling your sons to man up, to not cry and talk about their feelings. The only rules we must abide by are the laws of humanity, do no harm to others and live a life of passion and love.
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