How May I Help You?

The above question is a normal expression for checking out the customer needs. Who is a customer? Is the one who buys goods or services. We all are customers now and then and enjoy the privilege of being served. Being served and being taken care of are two desires which are most sought after. It is the most luxurious sensation. Waiting for it to come your way may not be the best thing to do. Waiting is a killer. One waits for the help and complains of it not coming at the right time or never coming. Why wait, if one can start by passing the help on so one’s wait will be over in no time. Starting one’s day and seeking the opportunity of finding out as to “how may I help today?” Have a fulfilled life with all the luxuries and sensations that keep you interested in the business of living. Be a seller to be a buyer? Find a customer whom you can help today. Bon Voyage!!! – Alka Madan
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